About us

Know-how and creativity made in Italy

Over 40 years
of innovation.

And still

1981 - Foundation

SMC was founded in Spresiano, Treviso, Northern Italy, by making the most of a 20-year long experience of the three founding members in boiler production and mechanical carpentry.

Production initially consisted in building customized machinery for chemical, petro-chemical and agri-food industry.

2000 - Machines

SMC’s vocation in using the expertise acquired in boiler production and mechanical carpentry is applied to machines.

The research and development staff, essential to reach the targets, is strengthened.

Technologically advanced machines are designed to satisfy the needs of each single customer.

2002 - MW Technology

In 2022 SMC applied for an industrial patent for “sterilization and cooking of packaged, ready-to-eat food.”

Research and development focusing on microwave application is progressively intensified. In 2005 SMC applied for the first time for the MWD industrial patent, machinery for the treatment of plastic polymer grains and chips.

Throughout the years, the company has acquired several other important patents in plastic polymer treatment.  It has implemented the initial MWD patent with new findings and submitted a utility model application form.

2009 - SMC Technology

The company’s technological specialization is highlighted in the company’s name with the addition of “Technology” to SMC.

2021 - Our First 40 Years

An achievement and an incentive to continue; SMC is a solid and flexible company. The high level of specialization allows it to continue to produce innovative and customized production machines for several industries.

sq. m. workshop
machines produced

Flexibility and collaboration

For us, innovation means strategically combining existing knowledge to create more value and less waste wherever it’s required. Several industries often have similar needs: our high level of technical mastery, our long, diversified experience and an open, collaborative approach allow us to apply the competence gathered and technology developed in a given industry also to totally new sectors. This is a feature of Italian genius we’re proud of.

Striving for quality

The 5 pillars upon which SMC Technology has always been based:

  • satisfying the clients’ needs through highly reliable customized machines;
  • quickly finding effective solutions;
  • guaranteeing production quality standards and adequate delivery times;
  • guaranteeing production quality standards and adequate delivery times;
  • continual professional development of internal staff.