Vacuum DRYERS allow a vacuum drying process during which materials are dried in a low pressure environment.

High energy efficiency
Reduced process times
Respect for the integrity of the product to be dried

Project description

Polymer vacuum dryer

Project details

Industry:Plastic and recycling

Vacuum drying or evaporation is a process where the materials are dried with the help of a negative pressure compared to the ambient pressure. This depression is generated by a vacuum pump connected to the system.

Vacuum has the advantage of lowering the evaporation point of substances, so drying can be performed at a lower temperature than normal dryers.

This feature is very advantageous compared to traditional drying and can be applied on thermo-sensitive materials, thus preserving their integrity which otherwise would fail with a classic drying.

The vacuum drying system is also advantageous in terms of energy consumption, as lowering the evaporation point of the substances also translates into considerable energy and financial savings.