SMC Technology manufactures special systems for different sectors.

Design, possible pilot plant, installation, testing and training. After-sales assistance with remote access.

Example of a pilot machine for cooking and sterilizing ready meals.

Project description

Pilot for dyr-fruit pasteurization

Project details

Industry:Food Industry

Today, SMC works with many leading companies in several
areas, such as pharmaceutical firms of food companies. The mutual trust demonstrated with these companies, over years of partnership, are an important reference for SMC which places it amongst the most interesting companies in the industry.

As it is always on the forefront of technology and innovative
solutions, SMC is not afraid to compete at the same level and in the same industry as other competitors, in that it is aware of its skills and expertise. Thanks to the experience in proposing and dealing with solutions that suit operation and process problems, SMC designs, carries out and installs turn-key machinery.

SMC’s pride lies in the production of machinery that can maximise production rates at minimal costs in terms of capital, energy, maintenance and machine downtime. The technical staff can follow internally all production stages, from the design to the construction, installation and start of the machinery.

Blending technique, innovation and expertise has allowed to come up with successful solutions that can suit any need. SMC has invested in research and in the professional development of its staff. As it always delivers alternative successful solutions, it has become a reliable partner for its clients.