SMC Technology produces mixers for plastic polymers.

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Polymer continuos dosign&mixing plant

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Industry:Plastic and recycling

Mechanical stirrers are used in chemical or mixing reactions to mix various types of fluids or solids / powders.
The stirrers homogenize the reaction and the process outcome.
To complete the function of the stirrers, special breakwaters, heat exchangers or heated shafts can be integrated into the tank to increase the exchange surface.

SMC designs and builds reactors and stirrers within a wide range of industrial chemical plants. Mechanical stirrers are also equipped with vortex breakers, or baffles, in order not to hinder perfect mixing.
The mechanical stirrers are equipped with internal coils for cooling the mixture obtained by preventing the formation of hot spots, or points where the temperature can reach critical levels beyond which there may be safety problems to the entire system.