Rotary drum dryers are widely used for the treatment of special waste such as the incineration of hospital waste. Our technical department will be able to indicate the most suitable characteristics for your process. Below are some examples of rotary kilns we produce.
Rotary kilns are generally used for drying different types of materials and products, from tobacco to basalt.

Our technical department will suggest the most suitable system for your sector.

Below are some examples of rotary kilns we produce.

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Pyrolisis waste treatment

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Industry:Special waste treatment

The rotary kiln is a technology of drying, incineration or heat treatment of the material that has ancient origins, but is still used today in various sectors. The rotary kiln is composed of a cylinder that rolls on rollers driven by one or more gearmotors.
The motorization can be applied directly on the rollers or by means of racks placed on the cylinder body. Inside the kiln there are spirals or vanes that help the movement, lifting and spreading of the material inside the cylinder while rolling.

The materials used are many, from simple carbon steel, to stainless steel, special alloys resistant to temperature and corrosion and finally coating in non-stick or refractory material.

The heat can be transferred to the material with an energy flow in equi current or against current, depending on the direction. Hence here we can have a direct heat transmission through direct flame from the burner directly inside the oven or indirectly through air heat generated externally.

This technology is often used in difficult materials such as waste or especially in incineration, but the thermal performance of the system is not optimal, certainly for certain types of process it is preferable to use our other type of dryer, perhaps combining microwaves to increase even more thermal outputs.