Hardening autoclaves built by SMC Technology are ideal for heat treatments on metals. All our products have the necessary national and international safety and quality certifications. Here are some examples of hardening autoclaves:

Project description

Autoclave oven for metals heat treatment

Project details

Industry: Other (small metal parts production)

For very high performance heat treatments, the extinguishing chamber can be used in combination with the vacuum furnaces for low pressure carburizing.
The quenching chambers can be used from 0 to 20 bar absolute and with temperatures up to 1250 ° C and are suitable for low pressure carburizing, quenching and tempering, solubilization and stress relief brazing, sintering, high temperature sinter hardening, etc.
Through the process control and the sensors placed inside the system, these autoclaves guarantee a high uniformity of treatment and absolute reproducibility, which guarantees absolute quality.